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We have a comprehensive database of all the materials we serve (more than 1,500,000 books, 200,000 DVD's, CD's 3.5 million, 40,000 games and PC platform and more than 30,000 ebooks) that can be accessed from the website.

For projects distribution libraries the Web has a unique key personalized access to check the status of shipments, print books ...

Through this access can make purchases via the Web or attach copies are desired to a favorites list to make the final purchase in a long-term purchase or disposal. These lists can be exported in Excel or Word listings.

The Web has a new online service through which it is discharging the new publications that are being published in the field of books, audio, games and ebook.

This Web sample copies available as new bibliographic record format where we show a description of the issue (ISBN, author, title, edition, place, year ...) and a summary of it to know the plot of the play in question, in addition to image of the specimen.

Such searches, in any format, are easy to find thanks to the advanced search that lets you use the Website Infobibliotecas through subjects, author, keywords, and more like any search in a library.

Similarly, we offer the possibility to subscribe to the newsletter by email and via RSS. This newsletter can be sent via email, with the possibility of printing, by the manager if it sees fit, considering that it can be an important tool for bibliographic possible need to make selections. So, to be informed of new publications that appear in the publishing industry.

Through these searches, we can develop a custom catalog. These are created by selecting the librarian performs on the website. After the election, completely automated, it will generate a PDF file for downloading and printing later.

They will collect information with a brief bibliographic description based on author, title, ISBN, publisher, year and a summary of the issue. As with the Web, we also collect the image of the specimen to be a visual choice also.

Infobibliotecas The website has the possibility to download under password provided, the download MARC 21 format of each issue in order to import the database of the library itself.

It is a new application that librarians provide our customers through the Web page. It enables you to view the catalog cards, and in the particular case, they can be printed for cardex files, among other options that can provide for the library.

When doing searches of copy, the tab will be visible in bibliographic format, but has a tab that transforms the vision of MARC21 display copy.

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