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About us

1. Nature of contract

Through this Web portal, the client (understood as any natural or legal) may acquire the products offered by INFOBIBLIOTECAS, SL (Hereinafter Infobibliotecas). In those products for which Infobibliotecas not have stock at that time, the intervention will be limited to channel Infobibliotecas the client request to the distributor and, if confirmed by the existence of the product distribution requested by the client, This may initiate the process for the acquisition of that product through this Web site based on the terms and conditions.

Is meant by 'contract' trading operation that is implemented by this document.

Is defined as 'product' the goods being purchased.

2. Register as customer

 In Infobibliotecas is essential to be registered as a client to:

• buy,

• check the status of outstanding orders,

• view or modify your personal details,

• create and manage a list of order

• subscribe to mailings by e-mail.

You can register as a customer filling out the registration form (accessible from "Library Access - Register" on the main menu) or at any time you're asked the Access ID (page 'login'). Note that the data you include in the registration form will appear by default as "billing" when you order. Immediately after completing the form and send the information you will receive a welcome email with your registration and you can use all access services.

Your email address and password are the data that identifies you as a customer. If you have forgotten your password, select the appropriate option and we'll send to your mailbox.
You can modify your personal data (change of address, email, ...) or change your entered password from the 'customers' in the main menu. If you place an order, be taken into account for that order the data that you had registered at that time.

3. How to Buy

 The purchase will only be able to formalize it in Castilian, Catalan, English, French, Galician interchangeably. To buy is essential to be registered as a client (see above). From the page shopping cart, then pressing the 'buy', you access a form with all information about shipping and payment options. Once completed your purchase, your registration will be considered for the execution of the purchase, which will generate an electronic document to be filed by Infobibliotecas, not being this accessible. Any error in the introduction of your data must be corrected before the execution of the purchase by changing the registration data. If detected immediately after formalized, should immediately contact Infobibliotecas to communicate these threats.


The titles that appear in our database are from books that have been discharged at some time in a store, with the data we provide referrals to that time.

Therefore, in those securities that are not "readily available" (book "unavailable" book "out") the availability and price will be provided by the distributor, limiting Infobibliotecas to channel the client request to the dealer . Once confirmed by the latter's existence and the product price will be informed by email to the customer so that if necessary, proceed to begin the process of purchase through this website.


Prices shown on our website are including VAT (Value Added Tax).

For orders made from countries outside the European Community, to be deducted from total order,

4% for the Value Added Tax (VAT).

4. Acknowledgment of receipt

Once completed your purchase, you will receive an acknowledgment within 24 hours of formalization, which specifies the data of purchase.

5. Billing and shipping data

By default billing and shipping are those included in the registration form the client. The remittance data be input only if different from the billing.

6. Collected

 Shipments will be sent to the address given shall in turnover within the established schedule and provided that it has received confirmation that is available at selected retail outlet.

7. Shipping


The amount of postage will be added to the total order price. If it is an order for multiple products, we will try to group them into a single shipment, whenever possible and that this excess delay delivery.
The shipping cost is calculated using the following table (see table)

(1) Shipments to Spain (peninsula) 6 € (0 - 2 kg.)

(2) Balearic shipments to 10  € (from 0 to 2 kg.)

(3) shipments to Canary Islands 10 € (from 0 to 20 kg.)

(4) Ceuta and Melilla. 10 € (from 0 to 20 kg.)

The final cost of shipping is always contained in the invoice issued by Infobibliotecas.
For shipments to countries outside the EU will not be responsible Infobibliotecas in no case the payment of taxes, customs duties or other charges.

8. Payment

Payment of the product shall be in one of the forms listed below, as chosen by the buyer:

-         By credit card

-          In the case of institutions can be made by bank transfer.

Infobibliotecas will present the invoice to the customer upon delivery of the order. The charge to the credit card is made at the time of shipment.

9. Security and confidentiality

 The transmission of all data to be performed through SSL (Secure Socket Layer), a system that guarantees the confidentiality of data sent. The personal data requested are always strictly necessary. Infobibliotecas agree not to use them other than the already agreed not to transfer or sell to third parties under any circumstances. These data are stored in the database Infobibliotecas. The customer may at any time accessed from the same site, to modify them. You can also request their deletion.

10. How to check order status

To check the status of your pending orders have to enter through the 'my account' at the top right of the main menu. After logging on (page 'login') you can access your order page where you'll find titles are sorted by date pending orders and order status indication.

State table orders:


-         In the process, we have received your order form and hope to reply soon.


-         Available: we received what we asked. Eespera order to appear as 'received'.


-         With delay: we can not serve the order on time, but keep and we will notify you as soon as we arrive.


-         Forthcoming: We asked for a product not yet on sale. We will notify you as soon as we receive it.


-         Withdrawn: sorry, but we can not serve your request


-         Received:'ve sent your request to the dealer through which will pass to pick (the one you indicated on the invoice).


-         Submitted:'ve sent your request to the address you reported


11. Cancellation and withdrawal

Orders can be canceled without charge until such time that the shipment is made effective. If we receive notice of cancellation once the package is shipped, we will consider a return.
If you decide to exercise their right of withdrawal, should complete the appropriate withdrawal form, indicating the order number, and sending the product through the same channels that you received and in perfect condition. Returns may take up to 7 business days of receiving the product, provided that these have not been opened or used and kept in his case, the band or original packaging. This shall not apply to the sale of items that can be reproduced or copied immediately or by reason of their nature, can not be refunded, among which are the ebook.


In case of refund, shipping charges are paid by the customer.


Naturally, this assumption excludes those returns resulting from our error or defect of the actual product. In that case, Infobibliotecas agrees to exchange the defective product with another and will pay the return postage and shipping. If you can not make change, we will refund the amount.

12. Complaints and claims

Any complaint regarding the service provided through the portal or referred to the product sold, may be addressed to:

Infobiliotecas, SL

Florida Avenue, 42 entlo.

CP Vigo. 36210


Must give us your full name, ID number, email and phone number and a description of the events causing the complaint or claim. Once we receive your complaint or suggestion, within 48 hours our customer service department shall send a confirmation email stating the issue number. Our staff will contact you via email or phone number you provide in order to solve the problem.

13. How to sign up for information

The subscription service consists of sending regular information by email. You have three subscription options: recommended materials (monthly) news by subcategories (fortnightly) and timely information on activities organized by Infobibliotecas in any of its establishments. To subscribe you must be registered as a customer.


You can change your subscription options, or cancel your request to receive the subscription accessed from 'subscriptions' in the main menu.

14. Collection of statistical data

This site does not collect or store personal data from visitors. Only, in order to provide the best service through this page, and in order to facilitate its use, we analyze the number of pages viewed, number of visits and the activity of visitors to the Web, and frequency of use.

With this information we analyze the frequency of use of the Web Infobibliotecas, SL from the connection data, and the most visited sections. Infobibliotecas, SL does not use cookies for collecting user information from its website and register their IP addresses.


Reproduction in whole or in part, even the dumped content in any media without express permission of Infobibliotecas, SL

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